The Peña Law Firm Will Fight For You!
The Peña Law Firm Will Fight For You!
The Peña Law Firm Will Fight For You!
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Welcome to The Peña Law Firm with 30 years of litigation experience. Our office specializes in Personal Injury Claims when our clients are seriously injured through the fault of another. Personal Injury Claims can take the form of Vehicular Accidents (Car, Motorcycle and Truck), Premises Liability Cases (Slip and Fall Accidents, as well as Negligent Security Cases), Wrongful Death Claims, and other claims involving physical or psychological injury. Florida law provides financial compensation for persons sustaining bodily injury caused by someone else’s negligent, careless, reckless, or even intentional conduct.

Being injured in an accident can be expensive, stressful, painful, overwhelming, and frustrating. There are many different aspects to a Personal Injury Claim (i.e., physical injury, applicable laws, medical expenses, determining liability, available insurance, lost wages, effect on personal and work life, etc.). We strive to provide help and guidance for all our clients, so you can focus on getting healthy and back to living your life. With the help of our skilled and experienced team, you will have the confidence of knowing that your case is being handled competently, thoroughly, and effectively to maximize your financial recovery as soon as possible. Remember, we have an incentive to financially recover for you as much as possible quickly, because we do not recover unless you do.

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