Welcome to The Peña Law Firm, a South Florida based law firm with 25 years of litigation experience. Our office specializes in Personal Injury Claims. Personal Injury Claims can take the form of Car Accidents, Truck Accidents, Slip and Fall Accidents, Wrongful Death Claims, and other claims involving physical or psychological injury. Florida law provides legal remedies for persons sustaining bodily injury caused by another’s negligent, careless, reckless, or even intentional conduct.

Being involved in an accident can be expensive, stressful, painful, overwhelming, and frustrating. There are many different aspects to a Personal Injury Claim (i.e., physical injury, applicable laws, medical expenses, determining liability, available insurance, effect on personal and occupational life, etc.). We strive to provide comprehensive, professional, effective and ethical legal representation for all of our clients. With the help of our skilled team, you will have the confidence of knowing that your case is being handled competently, thoroughly, and effectively.

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