Car Accidents & Truck Accidents Are As Different As Night And Day

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Car accidents and truck accidents can both lead to serious injury and extensive property damage. But when it comes to liability, and proving a personal injury claim, they are as different as night and day.

The trucking industry is governed by the department of transportation, and there is a large number of very specific rules and regulations that must be followed. The trucking industry also requires an enormous amount of documentation that must be kept by the trucking company. When there is a crash, the amount of evidence that must be collected is overwhelming. That’s why a firm with strong support staff and expert witnesses is key to winning your case.

Here at The Peña Law Firm, we hire accident reconstruction teams to sift through all the volume of information that these truck accidents produce in order to be able to prove the case against them. Missing documentation and/or broken rules/regulations by the trucking company can strengthen your case.

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