Over the years our office has developed relationships with experts in fields such as investigation, engineering, accident reconstruction, medicine, physical rehabilitation, mental health, law enforcement, and Medicare and Medicaid lien resolution services. These highly skilled and professional experts are crucial resources in proving our client’s cases in a court of law, as well as, minimizing costs and liens owed by clients on their cases. However, it is important to know when to use these services as there is a cost associated with them. Our office endeavors to provide the most value to our clients by helping to reduce the costs associated with your representation. For example, we use our own videographers and photographers whenever possible for matters such as recording depositions and scene investigations.

A photo of an auto accident scene taken by the police department


Although our firm’s support staff and independent experts are paid by us upfront to maximize the financial recoveries in our cases, the client does not pay anything for these additional services unless we obtain a monetary recovery on their case. As always, the bottom line with The Peña Law Firm is to win big monetary recoveries on our cases while keeping costs as low as possible for our clients.

A diagram of an auto accident scene taken by the police department outlining the mistakes made by the officer who made the police report