Client Reviews

Best Legal Service in the Biz.

I have worked with Nelson Peña several times in the past. Each experience required a different approach and perspective in coming up with a solution. Nelson’s approach to any case is what separates him from everyone else in the biz in my opinion. His experience and knowledge allow him to explain any problem in terms anyone can understand. Some attorney’s try and make sure you don’t understand everything in order to leverage their power and cost. Nelson is like family when he takes a case. He tells you the truth and the potential outcomes which allow you as a client to make informed decisions. If I could afford it, I would have Mr. Peña on retainer. I am truly grateful for his experience and knowledge because it has saved me a lot of money and trouble. I would never recommend anyone else to my friends and family. As a business owner I have learned the importance of reliable legal counsel and nothing makes me more confident than knowing I have Nelson on my side. I suggest you do the same.

Peña Law Firm.

Great attorney work. Very responsive and informative. Also, the Peña Law firm has the sharpest set of paralegals I’ve ever encountered. Excellent young professionals.
-Anonymous Client

Best Service Ever!!!

Great lawyer, excellent team. I was well informed as to everything that went on. Feels good to have someone represent you that you can trust. I would recommend Mr. Peña to anyone and everyone. Thank you for your services.

Awesome Legal Work!

Nelson is the ultimate professional, he and his entire legal team were very diligent throughout the entire duration of the case. I was well informed from beginning to end, he was able to reach a very favorable settlement and close out this matter. Thanks again, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
-Anonymous Client

Trust No One Else-Super Efficient.

Nelson is the only lawyer I trust with my family and myself. He is caring, efficient, knows the laws, systems and has many contacts as well. When my brother had a case handled by him he kept us all informed, was fair and very efficient in getting the case handled as quickly and easily as possible. He made me and my entire family feel at ease. I would trust no one else.

Best Service Ever.

Great experience. Customer service #1. Very friendly atmosphere. You feel comfortable when you sit down and discuss your case or any other matter.

A Gentleman and a Scholar.

Nelson T Peña defies the negative stigma associated with lawyers. His professionalism, honesty and attention to detail have allowed me to comfortably refer him to anyone I know who needs legal counseling. Sure enough, not one person that I have referred has had anything negative to say about Nelson.
When you’re in need of legal counseling it can be very confusing and overwhelming. But the staff at the Peña Law Firm, specifically the office manager, Terri, guide you through the entire process and make you feel comfortable.
-Michael C.


I would definitely recommend attorney Nelson T. Pena to anyone looking for a lawyer. Even though my case and situation was a minor one, he and his office treated it with the highest of importance. Nelson and his office were very attentive to me and my needs. He continuously explained to me the process and my options every step of the way. Nelson was very thorough which is what I liked about him. Being in the business over 20 years made me feel very comfortable choosing him to handle my case being that Nelson is very knowledgeable in this industry.

Highly Recommend.

I have known Attorney Nelson Peña for many years, and have used his services on more than one occasion, as have my family and friends. I’m more than satisfied with Mr. Peña’s knowledge, trustworthiness and his assistance in helping make the right decisions. Nelson looks out for your best interests and is willing to actually listen to your needs. He, along with his assistants, are very kind, thorough and understanding. He has been a dedicated counsel and friend. I highly recommend Attorney Nelson Peña without reservation.