Who Is Responsible If You Are The Victim Of A Violent Crime On Or Near A Business?

Be aware of your surroundings! We all know it’s one of the keys to staying safe. But no matter how cautious you are, violent criminals can strike anywhere:

Parking lots, shopping centers, apartment complexes, hotels.

So who is responsible if you are the victim of a violent crime on or near a business?

We ask South Florida Personal Injury attorney Nelson Peña if there is any legal recourse.  

Absolutely! You can bring a legal action against a property owner or business that doesn’t do everything they should do to reasonably take care of your safety. For example, they can hire security guards, increase lighting, be more vigilant, and can put up signage. Business or property owners can also call on police to remove people who are loitering.  

If you are injured in a violent crime, and the property owner did not provide adequate security, you may be entitled to compensation. So call The Peña Law Firm for comprehensive, professional, effective, and ethical legal representation.