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Slip and Fall The Peña Law Firm Miami

A slip and fall accident involves a person slipping or tripping and then falling on the property of another under circumstances where the property owner or manager either knew or should have known of the dangerous condition(s) and did nothing to prevent it or warn against it. These accidents commonly occur, but are not limited to stores, restaurants, parking lots, stadiums, buildings, private homes, or any other location where people are expected to enter or be upon.

Property owners and managers owe a legal duty of care on their property to protect against and warn of dangerous or unsafe conditions. Common dangerous or unsafe conditions may include wet or slippery floors, poor lighting, torn carpets, cracked or uneven walkways and stairs, and any other condition that creates an unreasonable risk of falling and hurting yourself on someone else’s property.

If you fall on the property of another, even in a private home, you may be entitled to just compensation for your injuries. However, it is important to contact an experienced attorney at The Peña Law Firm quickly to preserve all evidence involved and to obtain a thorough review of your particular facts in order to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Remember, evidence needs to be preserved and witnesses need to be identified. Gather as much information as reasonably possible and immediately call The Peña Law Firm and we will fight for you.

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