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Nelson Peña, Personal Injury Attorney at The Peña Law Firm, Miami Lakes, FL

About The Peña Law Firm

Founded in 2000, The Peña Law Firm prides itself on being a small firm that successfully provides one-on-one legal counsel to clients.

As a small firm, we limit our caseloads so that our attorneys can devote personal attention to each client to maximize their monetary recovery. This allows our attorneys to provide clients with the close involvement needed to pursue their legal remedies and obtain the compensation they deserve. Our office works as a team when it comes to handling your case. Your case facts and issues will be evaluated through the eyes of more than one attorney and supported by several legal assistants to devise and implement the best possible legal strategies for your case.

Client Compensation

The Peña Law Firm represents clients in Bodily Injury Cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that our payment depends upon you winning. We don’t win unless you do! The fee percentage we are entitled to receive when you recover is prescribed by the Florida Supreme Court. You will owe no fees or costs unless we obtain a monetary recovery in your case. Further, no monies will be paid out from your insurance settlement or jury verdict until you approve it in writing. You will receive our initial case consultation and legal analysis for free, so you can make an informed decision about your case at no cost.

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