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Carmelys B.

We always felt well taken care of by all the Peña Law Firm’s staff.  From the beginning of the representation, there was a detailed and effective plan for our case.  We always felt in control and well represented Nelson Peña, and in the end, we prevailed in a big way!  A big thank you to the Peña Law Firm.



Hemel M.

Whenever I’ve needed Nelson Peña, he’s been there for me.  He makes me feel comfortable throughout the entire legal process from beginning to end.  Nelson always puts my best interest first.



Jerry Z.

The Peña Law Firm was there for me when I needed them the most. Lead counsel, Nelson Peña, took care of every obstacle we faced in the litigation. His trial experience and keen intuition were always spot on. I’m so glad I chose The Peña Law Firm over all the other qualified firms I had to choose from.



Joe C.

The Peña Law Firm is an effective group of professionals that fight for their personal injury clients at every step of the way.  Whether it’s dealing with the insurance company or litigating in State or Federal Court, they will ensure to bring their best efforts on your behalf.  And if you need them after hours or on the weekends, their phone is answered by a live operator 24/7.  Nelson Peña is my attorney without reservation.



T. Paulino 

The most important thing that the Peña Law Firm strives for is to treat you like family. If I could give them 100 stars I would.  They did such an amazing job the first time I was injured in an accident that I came back a second time with no hesitation.  I strongly recommend the Peña Law Firm to represent anyone looking for an injury lawyer.  I can vouch for Mr. Peña’s outstanding work and wonderful staff that assist him in delivering amazing results.



Ardavon M.

With the extensive knowledge and experience that Nelson and his team bring to the table you’re never left guessing as they are always going the extra mile to assure their clients receive the best service.



Evan J.

The Peña Law Firm came through with flying colors on my Bodily Injury case. I highly recommend them if you have been injured through someone else’s fault.



Miguel G.

The defendant’s lawyers wanted to pay me only $37K as a trial date, in my case, was approaching. However, the Peña Law convinced me to allow Nelson Peña to file a motion that exposes the defendant to substantial attorney’s fees and costs. This move resulted in the offer to settle going up to $100K (an additional $63K in settlement funds for me). When the Peña Law Firm makes moves, the insurance companies and their lawyers listen. Thank you, Nelson!



Jonathan D.

Best attorney in town! He guided me throughout the whole process after my accident. They really mean it when they say one on one service. I dealt with Mr. Peña from start to finish.



Rachel F. 

Nelson of the Peña Law Firm was there for me and my family when I lost my husband due to medical malpractice. Through the most difficult time in my life, Nelson guided me through the medical and legal maze that is part of losing a loved one with tender care and expert precision, and I knew then, I was not alone. I will always remember that the Peña Law Firm came through for me and my children when we needed it the most.



Silvia S.

I’ve known of attorney, Nelson Peña, from The Peña Law Firm since the early 90’s.  Even back from the start, and it’s still certainly true today, Nelson Peña’s passion for zealously advocating for his clients has been the engine that drives The Peña Law Firm to the top of its profession.  Once you become a client, Nelson with his 33 years of litigation experience will creatively craft a winning strategy for your case.




I’ve already started spreading the word of what a fantastic lawyer you are.  My daughter, sister and two of my best friends are already saying that they are going to recommend you to others.

Erick L.

First of all, Nelson ‘s litigation experience of more than 30 years and his trial strategies kept us always three moves ahead of opposing counsel and ultimately led to victory in my case. Nelson is a workhorse that is proactive in his litigation style. This allowed him to anticipate the different moves that our opponent would make. Nelson took advantage of every opportunity, which made a big difference in the excellent results that I obtained. Also, unlike many other lawyers at the Peña Law Firm, Nelson and staff strive to return your calls in a timely fashion, ensuring that you’re well informed of your case’s status along the entire life of the representation.


Marilyn D.

I want to thank Nelson Peña and the entire staff at The Peña Law Firm for treating me we’ll the entire time they represented me on my personal injury case. They not only fought for my biggest recovery, but they kept me informed the entire time they represented me.



Ricky P.

The Peña law firm exceeded all of my expectations. From start to finish, they were professional, knowledgeable, and always available to answer any questions or concerns I had. I was particularly impressed with the level of attention and care they gave to my case, as well as their ability to achieve a positive outcome.



Lynnette W.

Attorney Nelson Peña was excellent in handling my case (a fall at a business) when I was in a very stressful situation.  Attorney Peña and his staff are very compassionate and care about making sure they follow up every aspect of their client’s case.  Nelson and his Legal Team are consistently communicating with me weekdays and weekends.  As a senior citizen, he made sure I was not taken advantage of by quick offers.  I am extremely grateful and highly recommend others to contact Attorney Nelson Peña.



Nicole M.

I am so happy I was referred to Nelson Peña’s office!  His staff was wonderful and they were able to help me with my case which worked out perfectly. Thank you Nelson & staff!!!



Nestor C.

The Peña Law Firm handled my case so that I would have nothing to worry about.  Nelson made it easy to succeed in litigation.  I am in your debt and will always remember how you came through for me in my time of need.




The Peña Law Firm has come through for me various times over the last two decades.  Regardless of the challenges posed by each legal situation, Nelson and the Peña Law Firm Team has taken care of the problem.



Jorge C.

Nelson, you never gave up and your relentless energy carried the day for me.  I will never forget the Peña Law Firm, and I will recommend you to all those that need a champion to fight for them.



Ily R.

In the world of personal injury attorneys, The Peña Law Firm is a rare find.  I am so grateful they worked hard to get my case handled in an efficient and effective way.  Nelson Peña was responsive and kind at such a stressful time in my life.  I highly recommend Nelson and The Peña Law Firm.



Juan D.

I want to thank the Peña Law firm for always being there for me and my family every time we’ve needed them.  The Peña Law Firm will take care of you with that extra care and attention that makes a big difference.



Pedro P.

The Peña Law Firm has gone to bat for me several times over the years. Last time, it involved a very serious truck accident with catastrophic personal injuries.
Nelson Peña made the insurance company pay what I deserved and then some. He was there when no other lawyer wanted my case.  He was my champion once again.  He fought for me when everyone else turned their backs.  I will always be grateful that I had The Peña Law Firm at my side when I needed them the most.