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If you have been a victim of a violent crime and suffered serious injuries, we may be able to obtain monetary damages for you from the criminal or a property owner that did not take adequate security measures to prevent the offense committed against you. The appropriate action to secure their premises must be taken by property owners who know or should know there is inadequate security on their property. By failing to protect tenants, customers, or guests from the dangers of inadequate security, property owners can be liable for the harm and injuries caused to victims of murder, assault, battery, rape, shootings, stabbings, stalking, and other violent crimes.

These crimes tend to occur in areas such as apartment complexes, hotels, bars, clubs, parking lots, theatres, shopping centers, malls, and restaurants. Property owners can be liable civilly for failing to provide reasonable security measures, and our office can help you fight for financial compensation as a victim of these crimes.

We have the experience and resources to take on the insurance companies and their attorneys. These kinds of cases are costly to bring because they require expert testimony from security professionals to establish that the failure to provide adequate security caused you to be victimized and injured. This legal burden is made more difficult due to the inherent nature of these types of cases involving crimes committed by individuals that usually have nothing to do with the property owner and its insurance company. However, through years of experience, we have developed winning legal strategies and techniques to deal with the multiple issues of negligent security cases. At The Peña Law Firm, we stand ready to fight for you!

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