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Taking On Insurance Companies After An Accident

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You’ve been in an accident and now it’s time to take on an insurance company in an auto case. In a perfect system, this would be a pretty straightforward process. Unfortunately, you’d be surprised to find out just how unlevel the playing field is when you have to fight an insurance company for your financial recovery.

For starters, the insurance industry has vast resources that it puts towards lobbying efforts, leading politicians to pass favorable laws at every opportunity. This legal advantage results in YOU having to give recorded statements under the penalty of perjury to their insurance adjusters, as well as being required to submit to a medical evaluation by their doctors. These mandatory medical examinations are done so the insurance companies can do everything possible to deny your auto accident claim and save the money that they legally owe you when you are hurt in a car crash.

That’s why it is so important to have an experienced and effective legal team at your side when you’re in a car accident. At the Peña Law Firm, we speak your language and the insurance industry doesn’t have to like it. Don’t let the insurance company win! Contact The Peña Law Firm and get the recovery you deserve.

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